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689 Griffith St., London, ON, CA

Voting Membership

Voting Membership at LSC Racing

LSC Racing is a not for profit organization that is directed by a volunteer board elected from our
voting members. Voting members represent a pool of resources where a member may
participate in a variety of ways including election of the Board of Directors, providing feedback
and suggestions to the volunteer board at the annual meeting, and most importantly, serving
on committees from time to time where commitments of time and skills are required to
support the initiatives of the organization.

LSC Racing is always looking to add energetic, enthusiastic members to join our voting member
team from which we can draw upon to contribute in many ways. If you are interested in
participating in the success of LSC Racing we have made it easy for you to sign up. You must
meet the following basic criteria:

  • You have an interest in the success of the London Ski Club Racing.
  • You are willing to give a small portion of your valuable time, experience and skills
  • Two consecutive years of registration of an immediate family member in LSC Racing
  • Documented participation in the LSC Racing program
  • You must have met with a voting member who have explained the expectations and
    benefits of voting membership, and who will recommend you to the board of directors
    by signing the provided form (please reach out to if you need help
    contacting a current voting member)