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689 Griffith St., London, ON, CA


On the first day, where do we meet?

Please meet at the “Race Hut” which is located between Hill 55 and J.S. on the left side of the Columbia Chair (if looking up the hill). The “Race Hut” is a bright red building and has signage on the side facing the main chalet.

Are athletes to be dressed and ready to go out or do they meet with their coaches and get ready after?

Please have your athlete dressed and ready to go in all their equipment prior to meeting up with their coach

My athlete has misplaced their mouthguard, are replacements available?

yes, please visit the race hut and a mouthguard will be provided for a fee.

Do we get ready in the main chalet?

The Athletes room in the race hut is available for changing and stowing boots and bags.  There are no lockers int he race hut.  You may get ready in the main chalet of Boler Mountain.

For Development – My athletes are 3 years apart – are they in the same group?

Not necessarily – we group athletes based on age. If any athletes are having difficulties with the skill level in the group or require more advanced skills, we will move them to a new group accordingly.

We just booked our family trip and we will miss a night of training – can we practice on the other training night?

No – should a training day or race be missed (due to other than a LSC Racing cancellation) training days cannot be made up on another night and refunds will not be available.

The weather is poor – is training cancelled?

LSC Racing will only cancel program dates due to facility closures at Boler Mountain. We will communicate via email to parents if training is cancelled; if you do not hear from us then training is still taking place – dress for the weather!! Watch the website and Facebook.


As a non-profit community sport organization, costs associated with staffing and operations are based on a cost per participant. As such, refunds will not be granted after the start of a given program.  There is a $55 administration fee per athlete and requests must be received in writing to prior to December 31st. No refunds will be available after this deadline.

2021 COVID -19

  • LSC Racing is committed to providing quality programming for all athletes, however, adjustments in keeping with directives issued by regulatory bodies and the Middlesex Health Unit, may impact plans. LSC Racing will make all possible efforts to provide continued programming and will consider alternate arrangements, within reason, when this is not possible.