F.I.S. “U” Age Categories

F.I.S “U” Age Categories

  • U10 (Inter Club Racing) – 8 & 9 years (as of Dec 31st)
  • U12 – 10 & 11 years (as of Dec 31st)
  • U14 – 12 & 13 years (as of Dec 31st)
  • U16 – 14 & 15 years (as of Dec 31st)
  • U18 – 16 & 17 years (as of Dec 31st)
  • U21 – 18 – 20 years (as of Dec 31st)

This categorization presents the alpine community with the opportunity to review race programming to further improve the sport long term. Race programs are improving in the following way:

  • Providing DIVISIONALIZED individual competitive opportunities
  • Empowering clubs to better manage athletes with flexibility to adjust, change and adapt competitive environments
  • Allowing clubs to make changes to groups/teams throughout season to better manage athletes
  • Providing flexibility to clubs for budget considerations, coaching ratios, etc
  • Allowing clubs to provide a variety of program options to address different skill and commitment levels
  • Large fields to reduce hosting impact, demands on clubs
  • Simplified scoring

Source: Southern Ontario Division (SOD) 2012-13 Race Programming